Friday, 9 December 2011

Industry Safety Update: DHF focus group looks to educate installers

During the past year gate safety has been a hot topic following the fatal accidents involving sliding gates within 1 week of each other in July 2010. 

In October 2010 ASO Safety Solutions & EGD Distribution together provided the Industry with a first of its kind event. The GSC (Gate Safety Conference) was hosted in the Midlands and was designed to provide installers with a balanced overview of health and safety requirements for gate installation.

 The event was a great success, with over 230 attendees from 150 separate companies. With the feedback gained from the conference EGD & ASO created a "Guide to Gate Safety" which has been circulated to many companies in the gate industry over the past year. During the period that followed it was clear the gate automation industry required a new body to represent them and move things forward with the backing of the HSE. 

The DHF (Door Hardware Federation) already the representative body for the Industrial door, Garage door & shutter door industry has now established a "Powered Gate Group". The aim of the focus group is to drive forward the Industry using the in depth knowledge of its member companies, which range from automation manufacturers through to distributors and installers. The focus group has proved to be an excellent platform to drive the industry forward and is currently working closely with the HSE & other campaigns (such as Jacksons Fencings "Gate Safe") to help educate and train the gate installation industry.

 Following the efforts of members of the focus group, a HSE approved "Guide" will be launched in to the Industry in the coming months providing key facts for installers. This guide is the first step to ensuring that new gates are installed correctly utilising the appropriate equipment and test methods.

Looking forward from this the DHF will be creating a new UK installation "standard" with the input of its members and collaboration with the HSE and others bodies. 

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