Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Garador Gets to Know its Customers

One in three homes in Britain have a garage, yet only 30% of those garages are actually used to park cars.

A recent survey by Garador explores how people utilise the space that comes with their house, specifically how they use their garage space.

The results showed that nearly 30% of people use their garage as a workshop, however other popular uses include:  children's playroom, gym, utility room, home office and food storage area.

Garador commissioned the survey, of 2000 consumers across the UK, in an effort to understand people's priorities when it comes to garage space, and to be able to communicate the results through effective marketing campaigns.

The results of the survey demonstrate how different consumers are, and how each person views their home in a different way.

 For example 5% of consumers are happy to hide their house keys under a plant pot, whereas 20% prefer to leave them with a neighbour, therefore being a bit more conscious of security.  Luxury items stored in garages include: wine, hot tubs, swimming pools, home cinemas and sunbeds.

Managing Director, Simon Hipgrave, said "Consumer habits change constantly. Whilst garages were once used for vehicles, they have become that extra room in your house to use as you wish.

"More people are utilising their garage space in different ways that mean that whilst the car is getting pushed outside, new and exciting changes are being made in homes across the country.

"Garador are keen to keen on top of trends and want to provide the best service for the customer. Whether it's a home cinema or a place to store the car, Garador will always have the right door for your needs."

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