Thursday 7 October 2021

Sign In App introduces critical features within Safety+ update including Shared Evacuations

Innovative visitor management app places health and safety at the forefront of developments

Sign In App, developer of the UK’s leading visitor management app, is pleased to launch Safety+, a vital addition to Sign In App’s solution that aims to revolutionise and improve health and safety within organisations. 

Placing a focus on the existing fire evacuation systems and processes, the new update provides a huge benefit to organisations and fire marshals including reducing the time of roll calls and improving efficiency. Sign In App has always placed health and safety procedures at the heart of new feature releases and, with the launch of Safety+, Shared Evacuation reports empower multiple colleagues to work together at the same time for a more streamlined and safer system to ensure no one is left behind.

In 2019/2020, there were 286 fire-related fatalities in England and fire drills and evacuations remain an essential part of fire safety across many buildings from schools and universities to offices. Noticing a vital issue with many organisations still relying on old evacuation methods including pen and paper clipboard call-outs and inefficient methods of accounting for everyone leading to confusion, the need for a better evacuation process was evident. 

Delays in evacuation roll calls whilst marshals ascertain who is on-site can cost lives. Sign In App has therefore made it a priority to further improve users’ health and safety with its latest update.

The new Safety+ update provides a more efficient and seamless method for keeping people safe in the event of an emergency. Using Shared Evacuations allows multiple people to complete a roll call at the same time on the Sign In App Companion mobile app. 

This allows all appointed fire marshals to instantly view an entire list of who is on-site through a mobile device from anywhere and view those who have already been accounted for. The update is designed to reduce time wasted and lives endangered with the relief of responsibility on just one person, as was historically the case.

With a hybrid model becoming more popular and more staff working remotely than before, it’s vital to accurately record who is in the building should an emergency occur. Having these records means fire marshals are not searching for those who are not on-site and Sign In App makes it easy to track this with just a smartphone to bring a centralised and accurate reflection of who is in the building in real-time. 

The new Shared Evacuations feature also enables integration with an existing Management Information System (MIS) used by many schools to show registration data and transfers this information into the Companion app so environments such as these, where not everyone on site uses Sign In App to sign in, can still access the evacuation reports.

Using the Companion app and this data, custom groups can be organised which can allow larger organisations to section individuals into different groups based on where the fire evacuation points are around the site. 

This helps to make the process more organised by separating and easily being able to view the people in different areas. Fire marshals can be appointed to manage each group with access to the evacuation list to streamline the whole procedure and give full visibility to ensure those who have moved from one building to another are quickly and easily ticked off. 

Through the app, all updates can be shared instantly between marshals allowing them to add and reply to comments as they happen. A timer will clearly show how long it takes to complete the roll call from the moment the alarm sounds for accurate records and reports to encourage improvements.

In the event that someone is unaccounted for in the roll call, Sign In App provides each fire marshal access to all visitor information captured on their arrival including their photo and information on who they were visiting which can be key to locating them as quickly as possible or ascertaining if they are in danger.

Dan Harding, CEO, Sign In App, explains: 
“We take the health and safety of the users of Sign In App very seriously. The traditional and slower methods of evacuation roll calls was an aspect of organisations that we believe could be putting many at risk.
“Redesigning this to fit with the modern-day where everyone has mobile phones to hand could help not only improve the efficiency of the task but also save lives. Giving users the ability to have multiple people conducting a roll call in different areas of a building with our Safety+ update will improve this further and we hope to see the average time of fire drills decreasing and therefore the number of people at risk decreasing as no one is left behind.”



For more information on the Shared Evacuation feature visit

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