Tuesday 30 September 2014

Centor Integrated Doors ‘make the view even more spectacular’ claims Sarah Beeny.

Buckinghamshire couple’s debut renovation celebrates the beautiful outdoors

Insect screen being pulled across a Yorkshire home installation

When James and Lucy Brackett transformed their small country cottage into a picture perfect home on Channel 4’s ‘Double Your House for Half the Money’ programme, (September 17 and 20) the show’s presenter Sarah Beeny reflected on how the house was ‘all about the view’. 

When she saw the refurbished kitchen/diner with Centor Integrated Doors looking out onto open fields she said: “God that view, it amazed me the first time that I came here but with the doors, that really just makes the view even more spectacular than it was.”

When the couple bought their 2-bedroomed semi-detached cottage near Great Missenden they wanted to expand it into a 4-bed country cottage. In the poorly built, 1960s designed kitchen you could barely see the field beyond but with the two sets of folding integrated doors installed around one corner there’s no chance that visitors won’t spot the glorious countryside outside.

Centor Europe’s General Manager Peter Watkins said:
“What viewers couldn’t appreciate from the show footage was that the couple’s door system incorporated built-in screens and shades to stop insects coming in, and to give the couple much needed sun control during the day while offering privacy at night.

“To all intents and purposes, they looked just like quality folding doors but that’s where their innovation lies,” suggested Peter. “Because when Lucy and James don’t need either the insect screen or the light-filtering shade they simply retract into the doorjambs leaving nothing visible and allowing the couple to enjoy the changing seasons outside.

The shades eliminate the need for curtains and it’s this that makes the view more noticeable from inside.

Light-filtering shades in action built-into folding doors

Peter continued saying:
“ I wasn’t surprised to hear that Sarah Beeny had remarked on how the doors had helped enhance the view. At Centor, everything we do is designed to connect people with the world outside, to provide the very best in inside/outside living, Until now, there has always been some degree of compromise; large doors offer great views but afford little privacy and curtains detract from clean interior design. The doors’ sleek design sees even the locks and hinges concealed to remove all possible visual distractions to the beautiful outdoors.”
James Brackett said in Double Your House for Half the Money: 
“It’s definitely worth buying a house for a view,” and Sarah agreed, saying: “and what a view it is.” It seems that in doing the renovation, the couple were hugely successful in transforming their small country cottage into a picture perfect family home.

“Centor Integrated Doors, are a world-first where glazed doors, built-in screens and shades, and hardware are all combined in one beautifully designed complete door system,” he added.

Centor Integrated Doors are manufactured in Birmingham to customer specifications. For more details visit www.centor.com or call  0121 701 2501.

Sarah Beeny’s Double your House for Half the Money series 3, episode 7 featuring James and Lucy Brackett can be found on Channel 4OD at www.channel4.com

About Centor

Centor is a multi-award-winning company dedicated to the design and manufacture of great-looking and high-performing doors that set the standards for others to follow. Founded in 1951 in Australia, Centor has since expanded across three family generations and six decades of experience to enjoy international success. The company’s expertise in all elements of window and door systems (frames, panels, glazing, hardware, screens and shades) has enabled it to develop the world’s first fully integrated door – creating a brand new product category in the process.

Centor’s products have earned the company a series of awards: the AMP National Innovation Award for Australia, two U.S. Crystal Achievement Awards, the Telstra Queensland Business of the Year Award and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Centor manufactures and distributes its products through a European headquarters in Birmingham and also operates internationally.

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