Wednesday 15 October 2014

Smart Garage Device Start-Up Opens Doors

You’ve heard of Apple, Google, Amazon, Disney, Hewlett Packard, Mattel, Harley-Davidson, and Dyson. But do you know what all these companies have in common? 

They all started in a garage!

Bluetech Automation also started in a garage:

When the guys from Bluetech Automation looked at their old garage door opener they saw old technology that desperately needed the ability to be “smart.”  So they created a product that's easy to use and to set up whilst also being safe and secure - now they’re perfectly happy staying in their garage!

Bluetech Automation offers an Android version of their original iOpener™, and now have released the iOpener v2 that Apple iOS and Android smartphone users can install to operate up to three garage door openers.

The iOpener is a tiny box that attaches to an existing garage door opener which takes very little time to install. Then, by simply downloading the app, and in the time it takes to pair a headset or a speaker – a smartphone or tablet becomes a secure and convenient way to open a garage door.

If you share your unique password, your iOpener allows up to eight other users to access your device, which is extremely convenient compared to the expense involved in purchasing older radio controlled remotes. And using your phone is more convenient too.

Steve Szymke one of the founders of Bluetech Automation said: 
“We found that when people work in their garden, go on a bike ride, or even mow the lawn, they don’t want to be hassled with getting their clicker out of the car, or have to carry a pile of keys with them. But they always keep their phones with them, notes Steve. 

“The iOpener app allows for convenience, and is operated by line of sight, which makes it much safer than other options. If you can’t see (or hear) your door, being closed, how do you know something or someone isn’t in the way?”

Another benefit is all the existing keypads and remotes still work with the iOpener – and as an extra bonus, you don’t have to buy an entire expensive system, replace the garage door opener or previously installed security devices. 

Plus, there are no subscription fees or off site internet servers to pass through just to open your door. Bluetech Automation doesn’t track your usage data or sell it to advertisers.

Steve remarked:
“Opening garage doors is our business. What you do in your garage is your business, not ours.”

Take a look at the informative videos below or on the Bluetech Automation website   

Overview video

Installation video

For more information or to become a stockist please visit or call 020 3369 8786

To become a distributor please call Les McLaren, International Sales Director on +47 97 59 11 18

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